Adopt a Star

Back in February I watched Travis Metcalfe’s talk about the Pale Blue Dot project, where you can adopt a star for $10 and sponsor scientific research. And not just any star; the recently launched Kepler satellite is looking for planets around these stars. Now that’s a cheap price to pay for so much fame and… Continue reading Adopt a Star

Solving Unproductivity

I will distribute free copies of Getting Things Done! We all want to save the world, but we are remarkably ineffective at it. We leave the car at home once a week, replace a few light bulbs and complain to our friends that the government should do something about AIDS. Perhaps we even donate a… Continue reading Solving Unproductivity

Google Summer of Code 2008

Every year Google pays students to do work for several open source software organizations. They call it the Summer of Code, although for people like me it will be the Winter of Code; see my previous post (English translation). I will work for OpenStreetMap which is an effort to create a detailed map of the… Continue reading Google Summer of Code 2008

Mijn (en andere Spoorzoners) nieuwste online project begint eindelijk een beetje van de grond te komen. bevat informatie over de herstructeringsplannen voor onze wijk en dan vooral over sloop, nieuwbouw en renovatie. Het doel is om meer inzicht te krijgen in deze plannen en waar nodig (opbouwende) kritiek te leveren. Hopelijk kunnen we daar… Continue reading