Erasing David

I just watched Erasing David, a documentary about a man who tried to hide from two private detectives for a month. Amazing; you just can’t hide unless you sacrifice pretty much everything. And this was all relatively low-tech and with almost no access to the sort information a government can use (e.g. cellphone locations, passport… Continue reading Erasing David

How to make a Chinese language course – Part I

The goal of iSimplifiedChinese is to teach people how to pronounce Standard Mandarin Chinese. For that I need words and phrases for students to practice. But which? The goal isn’t to teach vocabulary or grammar; there are other apps, books and teachers for that. In theory you don’t need to understand a word you’re saying… Continue reading How to make a Chinese language course – Part I


Apple gave me a really nice birthday present on December 2nd, when they approved my iPhone application: iSimplifiedChinese. For those who don’t know it, it allows you to practice your Chinese pronunciation by sending your pronunciations to a real Chinese person for feedback. I expected waking up filthy rich the next morning, but unfortunately it… Continue reading Marketing