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How to move an iPhone app

Edit June 19, 2013: Apple now allows transfer of apps between teams. Thankfully I haven’t initiated the process below. There are cases where Apple doesn’t let you transfer the app, so this post might still be relevant. 

I recently took over the Tegoed app from my friends at Tupil and Zeker Waar. It’s an iPhone app that lets you check your phone balance and sends you push notifications when for example you’re about to run out of data.

I’ve developed my own apps and those for clients from scratch in the past, but this time I’m taking over an existing one. I recommend that you consider doing the same: take over an app that has already made money. There are lots of apps with early success and great potential out there that are no longer being maintained for all sorts of reasons. The owner might have a full time job, they might not charge enough for the app or do something completely wrong from a business point of view.

In this case, Tupil is too busy working on their wildly succesful Beamer app and Niels form Zeker Waar with his new startup Brainsley. The app was already making money, albeit a lot less than in it’s early days. The fact that people were evidently willing to pay for this app, puts it way ahead of earlier apps I developed and also gives it an advantage over any new – unproven – ideas I might have.