Hans Brinker

I came accross two key recommendations of Hang Together or Separately, Oxfam International’s call to action to Copenhagen:

  • Copenhagen must deliver a fair and adequate climate deal: one that keeps global warming as far below 2°C as possible, and that reflects the historical responsibility for emissions and the economic capability of developed countries.
  • Rich countries must agree binding individual country targets that cut greenhouse gas emissions to at least 40 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020.
  • A UNFCCC Mitigation and Finance Mechanism must be established to match mitigation actions from developing countries with the required finance from rich countries – $100bn per year as an absolute minimum.
  • Rich countries must agree to provide sufficient funding for capacity-building, mitigation and adaptation, through the purchase of their Assigned Amount Units (AAUs) from the UNFCCC Mitigation and Finance Mechanism.

Assuming that they aim higher than what politicians can achieve, this is very sad news indeed.

Here’s a crash course in how to solve climate change. This is the bottom line of what humanity needs to do to fix this mess:

  1. Bring CO2 emissions to zero within a few decades
  2. Remove CO2 surplus from the atmosphere, so concentrations return to their preindustrial level
  3. Undo all damage already done by climate change and stop all processes that were set in motion by it