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Lomborg vs. Greenpeace in NRC-Next

Ik vond het leuk om vorige week in de NRC-Next een artikel van Bjorn Lomborg tegen te komen, dat een vertaling is van zijn artikel in The Guardian. Hoewel enigszins overdreven – ik heb sowieso niet zoveel met kinderen – komt zijn betoog erop neer dat de klimaathysterie in wereld schadelijk is voor de moraal van kinderen.

Het is onderdeel van zijn algemene punt dat klimaatverandering teveel geld en aandacht krijgt ten opzichte van andere problemen in de wereld. Dat wil zeggen, als je puur kijkt naar de effectiviteit van geboden oplossingen, zowel qua tijd als geld. Een uur vergaderen over klimaatverandering levert duizenden keren minder geredde levens op dan een uur vergaderen over gezondheidszorg in ontwikkelingslanden. Een miljoen euro in Kyoto is ongeveer net zo effectief als een euro in malariabestrijding* (plus of min een paar ordes van grootte). Ik ben het hier volledig met hem eens, zoals ik al eerder en veel uitgebreider beschreven heb.

Vandaag reageerde Greenpeace op zijn artikel, op een bijzonder voorspelbare manier. Laat ik het even kort analyseren.

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TED India fundraising update

As you are probably aware, I am trying to raise funds so I can go to TED India. I’ve reached 9% of the target so far, which is 6 times as much as reached in my previous campaign. The experience has already been invaluable.

First, there was the blog post. As you can see, the number of new views dropped very rapidly after a few days:

Blog post views

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GTD vs. 4HWW – and Flow

I just read an interesting and funny blog post that compares two well known – among certain people – productivity systems: Getting Things Done by David Allen and The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. I left a comment there that – in all my modesty – I’d like to share with you.

About four years ago I read GTD (Getting Things Done) for the first time. I was very busy – in fact slightly overworked – at the time. The methodology helped me to create an inventory of my “projects” and I used that inventory to start removing stuff.

It’s a fairly complicated system, but so is public transport; once you figure it out it pays. It’s no secret that I really like this book.

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Help Sjors get to TED India

I’m going to TED India! My application has been accepted (you have to apply in order to attend) and I’ve booked my flight. Only one minor detail remains: paying for the conference ticket.

I “should” be able to “afford” this conference, since I’m a software engineer in a fairly rich country. So it’s really a cash flow issue; if I could, I would have borrowed the money from my bank and worked for the ticket later.

This is where you come in…

Your donations** will help me go to TED India. In exchange, I offer one hour of my “brain power” to anyone donating $50*. Please send me an email if you wish to use that offer.

Click here to lend your support to: Help Sjors get to TED India and make a donation at !

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Weight vs. Sleep

I decided to keep track of my weight for a month, as a 30 day trial. I weighed myself first thing every morning on a cheap digital scale.

The result is the blue line in the chart below.

I knew there’d be some variation, but I wanted to figure out what is causing that. My attention was drawn to the sharp peak (73.0) at June 19th and so I looked back into my calendar to see what I was doing around that day.