Help Sjors get to TED India

I’m going to TED India! My application has been accepted (you have to apply in order to attend) and I’ve booked my flight. Only one minor detail remains: paying for the conference ticket.
I “should” be able to “afford” this conference, since I’m a software engineer in a fairly rich country. So it’s really a cash flow issue; if I could, I would have borrowed the money from my bank and worked for the ticket later.
This is where you come in…
Your donations** will help me go to TED India. In exchange, I offer one hour of my “brain power” to anyone donating $50*. Please send me an email if you wish to use that offer.
Click here to lend your support to: Help Sjors get to TED India and make a donation at !

I can provide most value when you need new ideas; out of the box thinking (why do you think I wanted to go to TED in the first place?). It could be for your own project, or for a cause you care about.
I can also design and build you a prototype “web service”. I’ll use Ruby on Rails for that, which is awesome and allows really fast prototyping, but don’t expect miracles in one hour.
This took me about 1.5 day (although in all honesty I’m sure there’s people who could have done it even faster).
Or maybe you could use some creative travel advice?
I can even help you find flaws in other people’s reasoning.
You can read more about me on my blog, check out my resume, follow me on Twitter, leave a question in the comments or send me an email.
Thank you!
* = Multiple hours are possible too. I’m available until August 8th. I will refund new donations after the target amount has been reached. I also reserve the right to cancel my attendance to TED if the target amount has not been reached in time. In that case I will refund all donations. Finally, I reserve the right to refund your donation if we can not agree on the project. All amounts are in USD.
** = You can donate money through Paypal here by entering an amount at “Make A Pledge”. If you live in the Eurozone, it may be easier and cheaper to transfer money directly to my bank account. I can provide details on request.


  1. Waauw… compleet geheel… Al Voldoende sponsorgeld binnen ?
    slin en leuk!!! Donatie van RR ontvangen?? 😉

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