Started coding

Last week I learned more about Postgres and I think I will like that better than MySQL once I have completely figured it out. I also looked at the GIS extension PostGIS and in particular how I can access it through Python. I considered Django and some other options, but this part is still a… Continue reading Started coding

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Bangkok and Melbourne

G’Day mates, Ik schrijf mijn berichten voorlopig in het Engels, zodat mijn eventuele nieuwe vrienden in Australië ook kunnen meegenieten. Rechtsboven deze pagina bevindt zich de knop “Google Translate”. Daarmee kan je deze pagina automatisch vertalen naar het Nederlands, hoewel de kwaliteit van de vertaling nog wat te wensen overlaat. I made it to Australia!… Continue reading Bangkok and Melbourne


Before: After biking around with my GPS logger and taking pictures, I managed to improve the map of my neighborhood. I added the cycle path, foot paths and some more water on the north side of the rail tracks: So get your GPS logger and go improve the map!