Community Bonding Period – Part I

G’Day all,
It’s been a quiet week for me on the Summer of Code front and far from quiet on the travelling front. I spent a week in Bangkok and arrived in Melbourne two days ago. Still I managed to get some things done.
After trying several options, I decided to use Github to host my Git repositories. For the time being, I will split my code in two parts. The first part will import the SRTM data into Postgres and the second part will do the actual altitude profile generation work. I figured that it makes sense to split them up, because the first part could be useful for other projects too and the second part can run from just a database dump.
I managed to read most of the Python tutorial and I am looking forward to writing some code in that language.
I have also been following some discussions on the OpenStreetMap developers mailing list as well as the Dutch and Australian ‘chat’ lists.
During the next one and a half week of the Community Bonding Period I will try to learn more about (some of):

Now that my jetlag is over and the temperature is nice and cool, I can work on my daily routine. My goal is to put enough time and energy into my project and at the same time see some nice sights and meet interesting people.
Hooroo from Oz!

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