Website Weekend at Setup Utrecht

It’s been a while since I experienced the true Jelly co-working feeling, but today at Setup Utrecht was pretty good. Everyone was invited to finish whatever website they were (not really) working on at the moment. It was a great opportunity to work on the landing page for my iPhone travel guide app.


As you can see, no CSS to speak of. It still ranks #5 when you search for “reisgids Utrecht”, but it doesn’t look particularly professional.
First thing I did was look for a standard design template. For my previous application I copied a friends CSS. This time I wanted to try something different. It was a good time to try out Twitter Bootstrap for Rails since I’ll be working with it on another project soon. I also added a screenshot and the text I used in iTunes:
The nice thing about a co-working environment is that you can ask people for help. Kees (who’s also working on his site today) gave me a few pieces of advice:

  • text on the left, picture in the middle, call to action on the right
  • more space between columns
  • header texts at the top (left and right side)
  • less text

Here’s the result:

All in all a nice and productive afternoon at Setup in Utrecht.

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