Czech Airlines

Joy, I lost my laptop! It was too heavy anyway 🙂
Last Monday I flew from Kosice to Thessaloniki, via Prague. It was stolen from my luggage, which also happened to be about three days late. They only stole the laptop and charger, but not the mp3 player and all the cables that were in the same compartment. They knew what they were looking for and probably used the X-ray on the airport. It most likely happened during the transfer in Prague; there was another traveler from Canada who also lost his bag and also had a laptop inside. I do not know if his was stolen as well.
Czech Airlines has no intention to reimburse it, but the most interesting thing is that they also do not want to investigate it. Apparantly they do not care if crimimals look through the luggage of their customers. I wonder how they keep their prices so low…
But think about it; if someone – who probably works at the airport security – can take my laptop out of the bag, then this same person can also put a bomb into my bag and blow up the plane. I will feel very comfortable knowing that on my way back next Monday…
By the way, Greece is very nice! I will put pictures online later.


  1. jeetje balen zeg!
    ik snap ook niet echt dat ze het niet eens willen onderzoeken.
    ga je er nog achteraan of is het al een gedane zaak?

  2. Shit-motherfucker-fuck-shit! Stoephoer!! Sjors!!! Aaargh!
    They SHOULD investigate. Aren’t they properly paranoid like ALL the airline companies, like they’re SUPPOSED to be? >:(

  3. Ik zit er nog wel achteraan ja. De kans is niet zo heel groot dat ik hem terug krijg, maar iets met principes… Verder ga ik voorlopig geen nieuwe geekbook kopen, tenzij de verzekering het dekt (zeer onwaarschijnlijk). Adieu Stoephoer.

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