I guess the reason Jobtorrent is just sitting there not being used –
even though it works – is that it needs a bit more explaining. It’s
very different from Job Feedr, even different from Odesk or even
Mechanical Turk (although that gets pretty close).
The thing that frustrated me about Odesk is that even if you apply for
a 5 hour job, there’s 20 other applications and you need to wait ages
to get a response from the ’employer’ and potentially even going
through an interview where you need to show off your previous work,
etc, etc.
The idea of Jobtorrent is that in stead of applying for a
job, you just execute the job and collect a reward afterwards. If you
are the first to build a particular piece of software, or fix a bug,
or finish some date entry, you get paid.
From the other side of the fence, if you are developing or dependent
on open source software, and you need to get a bug out of the way that
is too small to properly outsource but too annoying / expensive to fix
internally, you simply post the link on Jobtorrent, wait for the first
person to fix it and give them their money in one click.
I was actually writing this as an email to Mick Liubinskas from Pollenizer when I thought “Mmm, maybe I should turn this email into a blog post…”


  1. Brilliant!
    Reminded me of as well where you post up a design brief with a cash prize for the best design as selected by you.

  2. @ned thanks! is indeed more like it, with the main difference that I focus on code and they on design. Thanks for that link.

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