Its been a while since my last travel related post. To make a long story short: I spent a week in lovely Canberra and another week in warm Brisbane. I then discovered that the combination of programming and traveling was a bit too much of good thing, so I decided to fly back to Melbourne and settle down for a while.
Canberra, for those who do not know, is Australia’s capital city. It has a lot in common with Washington. It is one of the more successful examples of a Garden City, which contrary to Overvecht, it is not about to be bulldozed.
Home in PrestonI managed to find an appartment in Melbourne in less than a week (and four attempts) through Gumtree advertisements. As you can see in the picture on the left, it is a converted warehouse. Nice old (for Australia) look on the outside, all modern stuff on the inside. I will take pictures of the interior later, but if this is what it looks like when new. Its only $470.000 (€300.000) to buy, or if you’re like me, you rent it with two other people and a cat.
The Melbourne Couch Surfing Group is awesome! It has 917 members and organizes lots of activities. This Queens Birthday weekend me and about 25 others stayed at Lena‘s parents vacation house in the Mornington peninsula. The most amazing thing is that many of them, including me, had never met her before. It was a lot of fun and I’ll post some pictures later.
My plan for the next couple of weeks is to work hard on my project, so I have plenty of free time during my three day (carbon compensated) visit to Sydney next week. I will also find some nice second hand furniture for my room and ‘work’ on my social life.

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