Nu ik opzoek ben naar een baan, is het begrip scheefwonen – in een huis wonen dat te goedkoop is voor je inkomen – ineens weer relevant geworden.Als ik straks een baan heb, ben ik dan een scheefwoner? En is dat erg? Sommige van mijn beste vrienden zijn tenslotte scheefwoners. Vandaag werd er weer klakkeloos… Continue reading Scheefwonen

Adopt a Star

Back in February I watched Travis Metcalfe’s talk about the Pale Blue Dot project, where you can adopt a star for $10 and sponsor scientific research. And not just any star; the recently launched Kepler satellite is looking for planets around these stars. Now that’s a cheap price to pay for so much fame and… Continue reading Adopt a Star


I guess the reason Jobtorrent is just sitting there not being used – even though it works – is that it needs a bit more explaining. It’s very different from Job Feedr, even different from Odesk or even Mechanical Turk (although that gets pretty close). The thing that frustrated me about Odesk is that even… Continue reading Jobtorrent

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Melbourne -> Utrecht

All good things come to an end and worse still: you sometimes need to plan that end. I figured I might as well make that end as interesting as possible, so here we go!

Solving Unproductivity

I will distribute free copies of Getting Things Done! We all want to save the world, but we are remarkably ineffective at it. We leave the car at home once a week, replace a few light bulbs and complain to our friends that the government should do something about AIDS. Perhaps we even donate a… Continue reading Solving Unproductivity

X-Prize for carbon removal?

Last year, Richard Branson offered $25 million to the person who comes up with the best way of removing one billion tonnes of carbon per year from the atmosphere. I say, let’s be a bit more ambitious and offer $10 billion to the person who actually removes about 300 billion tons before 2013. In other… Continue reading X-Prize for carbon removal?

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Lomborg vs. Lomborg-errors & Co. (Part 3/3)

What’s with the precautionary principle? Lomborg discusses the Precautionary Principle in his book, but none of his critics seem to refer to this discussion. They seem to ignore it, because they do exactly what he warns about. Lomborg essentially argues that the Precautionary Principle is being abused by scientist to attract unjustified large amounts of… Continue reading Lomborg vs. Lomborg-errors & Co. (Part 3/3)

Lomborg vs. Lomborg-errors & Co. (Part 2/3)

Debunking Cool It Critique My short answer to the critique on Cool It is that it is mostly right about the details, but completely wrong about the big picture. The most comprehensive resource of critique on the book can be found on Kåre Fog and others have spent many years creating an inventory of… Continue reading Lomborg vs. Lomborg-errors & Co. (Part 2/3)