How to make a Chinese language course – Part I

The goal of iSimplifiedChinese is to teach people how to pronounce Standard Mandarin Chinese. For that I need words and phrases for students to practice. But which? The goal isn’t to teach vocabulary or grammar; there are other apps, books and teachers for that. In theory you don’t need to understand a word you’re saying… Continue reading How to make a Chinese language course – Part I


Apple gave me a really nice birthday present on December 2nd, when they approved my iPhone application: iSimplifiedChinese. For those who don’t know it, it allows you to practice your Chinese pronunciation by sending your pronunciations to a real Chinese person for feedback. I expected waking up filthy rich the next morning, but unfortunately it… Continue reading Marketing

Faalt het UWV?

In aanvulling op mijn tweets (1,2) van net over het artikel “Niemand weet raad met het falende UWV” in de NRC van vandaag (31-7-2010). Ik kan me altijd mateloos ergeren als zowel de media als de politiek niet even de moeite nemen basale statistiek toe te passen voor ze van alles gaan roepen. Neem de… Continue reading Faalt het UWV?

Opzegbrief Vodafone

Utrecht 15 juni 2010 Betreft: Opzeggen abonnement en verzoek tot terugstorting teveel betaalde deel Geachte heer / mevrouw, Ik wens mijn abonnement voor Vodafone telefoonnummer 06-xxxxxxxx per onmiddellijk of zo spoedig mogelijk op te zeggen. Dit verzoek doe ik slechts om eventuele schade te beperken en ik erken hiermee niet dat u het recht of… Continue reading Opzegbrief Vodafone

How I did not get scammed!

Oh my… I still can’t believe it. There are actually good people in this world. Or the bad guys aren’t as smart as I feared. Either way, I thought I fell victim to a super sophisticated social engineering attack. But I didn’t! Let me explain… I arrived at Xi’an train station this morning on the… Continue reading How I did not get scammed!

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I installed the Sleep Cycle iPhone app about a month ago, so I thought it was time for an update. Let me share some data:

Natural Selection of Information – Can Google Help?

A friend of mine brought to my attention an article with the Top 5 Threats to science-based medicine. It mentions the usual state sponsored quacks, but the most interesting one is #5: New Media. Of course, “user generated content” and unvetted health advice and claims are easily made by anyone anytime. And thanks to the… Continue reading Natural Selection of Information – Can Google Help?

Van frisdrankautomaat naar platform – Politie 2.0

Dit is een eerste opzetje van mijn gedachten rond dit onderwerp. Het is niet een officieel standpunt van welke organisatie dan ook, maar wie weet wordt het dat ooit. Frisdrankautomaat of platform? Tim O’Reilly – uitgever en bedenker van de term “Web 2.0” – zette begin 2009 een visie neer over Overheid 2.0. De overheid… Continue reading Van frisdrankautomaat naar platform – Politie 2.0

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Requesting Bulgarian to English speech to text iPhone app

I’m going to TEDxBG in Bulgaria on January 9th. The speaker line-up looks great, but there’s only one issue: not all talks will be in English. Now there’s several ways to deal with that. I could learn Bulgarian. According to Tim Ferriss it’s a piece of cake and won’t take much time.  I already speak… Continue reading Requesting Bulgarian to English speech to text iPhone app

Hans Brinker

I came accross two key recommendations of Hang Together or Separately, Oxfam International’s call to action to Copenhagen: Copenhagen must deliver a fair and adequate climate deal: one that keeps global warming as far below 2°C as possible, and that reflects the historical responsibility for emissions and the economic capability of developed countries. Rich countries… Continue reading Hans Brinker